Bringing in the Christ Consciousness

When I scheduled the first 10-week program with Althar, I felt it would be great if the final session would take place in the last week of the year. The weekly sessions were to be held on Sundays, and it turned out that they fit perfectly with the various holidays. Sure, I also felt that having the final online meetings around Christmas would be inspiring.

However, I certainly did not foresee that “bringing in the Christ Consciousness“ would be one of the undercurrents in these intense 10 weeks – not that I really did foresee anything about the details of the program. Of course, Christ consciousness plays a major role when it comes to ascension, but what exactly is meant by the term and how does it relate to the human experience? Althar made that quite palpable and also told a bit of the background story. He emphasized that back then Jeshua was meant to set the example – it was not anticipated that there were many who could follow in his footsteps.

But this has changed, because in the meantime human consciousness has expanded considerably. The other day, Althar came through again and pointed out that Easter is in about 10 weeks. Well, he didn’t say much more, but I got the message…

So, if you, dear reader, are interested in the Althar material, then this 10-week course might be for you. The timing with Easter or Christmas is certainly not a prerequisite, but it can be supportive. Please see here for details and some audio snippets, and below for some text excerpts.

“It is not that any ousia has any value in itself other than the value you give to it!
This is drastic! This is an understanding that has the capacity to transform you instantly, for why would you hang on to anything in separation if everything is arbitrary? Why, why oh why would an entity try to bring something from separation with him or her into the Third Round of Creation? Why bargain with separation? For your special story? For your special capabilities? It just makes no sense! It just makes no sense.
And with this understanding often comes the idea that it would be a sacrifice if you let go of anything. But how far from the truth could that be? For how could you sacrifice anything if you let go of limitations? If you become all, then what could you sacrifice other than illusions that weren’t real in the first place?”

“All the entities of the second round of creation, including you, share one characteristic: they are all addicts. Addicts! Each and every entity! Feel into that – an addict. What is an addict? An addict craves a substance, something from the outside; craves it and craves it, and when he gets his substance, there is a short period of relaxation, a very short period. And soon after the next dose has to come, usually a higher dose. If it’s not coming, oh then you have the monkey, you are struggling for your drug.
You are on this drug not only since the day you were born. You were on this drug since the very moment you entered separation! Now what is this drug? Let the dragon in front of you help you. Feel into yourself. What is this drug that you rely on so heavily?
Well, the drug is perception!
You would not exist as a separate being without perception making you believe you are a separate being. It is only perception that keeps you in the loop – the eternal feedback loop of separation. You do not know who you are, but you perceive. Therefore, you think that what you perceive is you. And the moment perception isn’t there, you get frantic. You don’t know who you are any more. So you have to perceive again and again and again. But as everything in separation is transient, every perceived phenomena ceases sooner or later, and so does the imagined subject that you believe to be. The subject that is established by perceiving an object outside, and you on the other side.
That is what perception does. That is the drug. That is the drug that all entities share – and it’s time to get beyond it.”

“Right now, you are here as the human, as the dragon, and as the pure consciousness that you truly are, connecting all of this. Right now, you can feel into the knowingness that you are unborn. Unborn! You have never been birthed! And what is unborn cannot die! It just cannot. Oh, you can leave the physical dream, but so what? Unborn! How could death be a threat to the unborn? It’s a joke. It’s a dog barking at the the moon.”

“The Song of the Dragon is pure magic. It defies words, so don’t stick to my descriptions. Go into it. Find out for yourself what it means for you.
This is so beautiful.
This is the peace within, the peace with yourself, the peace with All-That-Is as All-That-Is.
This is your song of total liberation, of coming home, of going beyond the beyond. This is your song of utmost clarity. A clarity that transmutes all residues of doubt. It out-shines every doubt, every thought, and every
concept. This is your song as a sovereign being, and you let it be known to all of existence that it has occurred!”

“If an entity scratches the surface of itself, it will find emptiness, and that is scary. That is why there is this big, big fear of being wiped out. And actually, this is why you are here as humans. Oh, the human often thinks, ‘Let’s go up the dimensional ladder! Add some more dimensions, more core beliefs, or less core beliefs – however you want to phrase it – and have a broader experience.’
Yes, you can do that, and actually you did that already! You came from there, from all those realms. You have been there. But no matter where you have been, you found out that the vessel you believed to be, be it in form, or beyond form, did not really exist! But you were not able to accept that and to let go of separation. That’s why you finally ended up here, as a human, on planet Earth in a slow motion physical reality with your three core beliefs: time, space, and the veiling of your origin.
That is why you are here. The point I want to make is: do not try to go back to the higher dimensional existences! It doesn’t bring you anywhere! You came from there. You are here to come out at the other end of the tunnel. You exist in the densest density, in the deepest density. Here you can go beyond the belief of separation. You can go beyond all the vessels, you see?
You can go beyond all the vessels that you ever believed yourself to be and you can do it on behalf of your true self. In doing so, you do it on behalf of all the emanations your true self ever had! Compared to angelic beings, you may feel very limited. But I tell you what: you are the hero in existence! You are the hero in all of existence.
It’s not about going back. It’s about going beyond!”

“This is what I call a ‘bridge in consciousness.’ I, Althar, call myself a bridge in consciousness. Right now, you are exactly that. The bridge in consciousness is a knowingness that never leaves you. It’s the knowingness that separation is not real and that there is not only a way out, but in a way, you are already out! It’s the knowingness of clarity. It’s the knowingness of compassion with yourself and all of existence. It’s a knowingness of the utmost strength, for you know that nothing can withstand pure consciousness.
The false cannot be maintained in the light of truth. It’s impossible.”

“The fundamentals of consciousness are very, very easy to understand. It is by applying the same fundamental principles to themselves, over and over again – like in a fractal, or in a deep recursion – that you get all these super com-plex environments. But then, no, no, no… it is not about you unraveling or undoing these structures, no! It is about dropping the belief that they are real, and you are out instantly – and be it only for a moment.
Be it only for a moment – a moment of enlightenment, a moment of embodied ascension.”

“Humans oftentimes think of a portal like a wormhole where they jump in with their physical body and come out somewhere else, including their body, and then visit other worlds. But this is more or less nonsense, it doesn’t work that way.
A portal is merely an environment that is supportive for you to open up, that’s all. Thus, if you create an atmosphere in your physical temple of opening up, of openness, of clarity, well, then it’s so much easier for you to open up and go beyond the typical human consciousness.”

“As you bring clarity into your mental body, into your personal cosmos of mental activity, everything in here can relax. You realize that everything in your mental body exists just to cut separation into ever smaller pieces; into more and more details, into right and wrong, good and bad, yesterday and tomorrow. With clarity, you don’t need that any more.
Just as your physical body relaxes when you bring awareness into it, so can your mental body relax if you become aware of clarity. Your concepts, dogmas, and beliefs can relax. They loosen up and become less rigid. That is what clarity does.
I always say that nothing, nothing, nothing withstands pure consciousness. Oh, and clarity is of pure consciousness. No belief can withstand clarity.”

“That is the beauty of the signature of a true self. That is the beauty of the key Uru had chosen to implant in you. But of course, you had the task to come to the choice of wanting to go beyond separation as a human entity, as an incarnated entity. You had to have the braveness to open up. You had to have the endurance to face the dragon, and to finally find your true self – without running away or shying away from the intensity of the feelings.”

“It’s so simple. There is no expectation involved, there is no dogma. There is no priest, no guru, no religion, no nothing. It is just you. It is just you. And it is you who has to do it; nobody can do it for you. Not I, Althar, not anybody else. You have to let go. And that is why we insist so much on cultivating the awareness, for this is the fundamental tool. I cannot do it for you, but I can challenge you to do it, I can challenge you to let go of all your notions, and I will challenge you in these coming weeks. Every session, I will challenge you. That is what I can do.
Actually, I do not really care how you will react. Ideally, you see the opportunity. Ideally, you withstand the eye of the dragon, you face it. Ideally, you are ready to go into the fire and see what remains when everything burns down. I guarantee you: What remains is the purest you that you have ever witnessed, that you have ever experienced.”

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  1. Your books are amazing and life changing. Thank you for sharing such simple, profound wisdom to help us along the journey of awakening. Aloha!

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