Althar Intense Online

Welcome to the “Althar Intense Online” program 2024!

October 27th – December 29th, 2024

„Althar Intense Online“ is a 10-week program with weekly online gatherings. It addresses directly those dedicated to bring the wisdom presented in the Althar material from a conceptual level into their experienced reality. The registration for the upcoming 2024 program is now open!

This is what participants of the 2022 Althar Intense Online said:

Although enlightenment is the natural state of consciousness, after plenty of lifetimes in physical and non-physical forms, this natural state is often buried under heaps of beliefs, patterns, and illusions. Unfortunately, the sole knowledge of this fact does not help at all to release these obstacles. Thus, it can become a great frustration in daily life when, despite all the absorbed wisdom, the natural state of consciousness remains elusive.

Therefore, „Althar Intense Online“ has been designed to be very practical and experiential. Each session consists of three segments. We begin with Cultivating the Awareness. This non-practice allows you to become aware of your own habits and patterns and to dissolve them by means of deconditioning. This is the fundamental starting point for anybody striving for enlightenment. By Cultivating the Awareness, you eventually become the Master in your house called the human body. You will be able to be undisturbed by any thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which is a sign of the true Master and the definition of true freedom.

Once a calm and stable presence is established, allowing you to open up to the higher realms of consciousness, we’ll move into the second segment. In this segment, Althar, Aouwa, and/or Joachim will address the topic of the day. The actual topic depends on the dynamics unfolding over the 10 weeks. It will relate to the already published Althar material and may even go beyond it.

The third segment is for sharing, questions and answers, or just being together in silence.

The 2024 program will focus on deepening the content that Althar has outlined in his latest book “Althar Surreal – Master Class” and how it relates to the three main pillars of the Althar material – true wisdom, true compassion, and true practice. Moreover, simply gathering with kindred spirits in these exceptional times on Earth is an invaluable means to continue the journey into embodied ascension – which in itself is a surreal undertaking of the highest order.

The sessions take place on 10 consecutive Sundays at 18:00, Berlin time. Each session lasts between 75 and 90 minutes and is held in English.

We will use the video conferencing technology from Zoom to conduct the meetings.

Here is an overview of the details:

Dates:10 consecutive Sundays, 18:00 Berlin time,
October 27th – December 29th, 2022
(convert to local time)
Number of Participants:limited to 25
Technology:Zoom web meetings
Audio recordings:after each session
Transcript:during the week after each session
Early bird price until September, 27th:€ 450
Price from September, 28th:€ 500
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After completing the order process, you will receive an email with details, including the invitation to the Zoom meetings.

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