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Joachim Wolffram
Joachim Wolffram

Freedom is Joachim’s guiding theme for his spiritual and post-spiritual life. How can one advance to the very core of freedom and then realize it in daily life? How can one experience and live the consciousness beyond the human limitations? These questions led him to an intense journey through the world of Zen and finally beyond.

Apart from exploring consciousness, Joachim received a Ph.D. in Operations Research and went on to found a company for financial software. After quitting regular business life in 2010, he took a while to investigate Generative Arts. The attempt to create „beauty“ with most simple interactions such as a drawn line, humming, or brain waves resulted in a series of popular apps.

Since 2015 his main focus has been on writing from which the “Althar Series,” among others, emerged. Together with a facet of him called Althar, the Crystal Dragon, he shows how consciousness has become entangled in self-created fragments and how it can set itself free.  Absolutely free.

In doing so, Joachim and Althar provide a guide into what is sometimes called “embodied ascension.” Even though this notion sounds fancy, it merely means to stay in the physical body even after having realized enlightenment. And that is a tough choice to make when one has seen physical reality and mass consciousness for what they truly are.

The Althar books therefore also deal in particular with the various paradoxes that arise when one goes beyond separation while still living in it. Most importantly, practical and pragmatic tools are offered that are tailored precisely to the needs of a human undertaking this greatest journey of all.

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