Althar Online Gatherings

An “Althar Online Gathering” offers the ideal opportunity to dive deeper into the rich Althar material and thus transform it from a conceptual level into experienced reality. In the company of kindred spirits, questions can be discussed and experiences regarding the implementation in one’s own life can be exchanged.

A gathering begins with „Cultivating the Awareness.“ Afterwards, Joachim/Althar/Aouwa will give a short presentation on the topic of the gathering. Following this, you are invited to participate in the exchange at your own request.

A gathering will last about 90 minutes. The language during the whole event will be either German or English (i.e., no “language mixing”).
An audio recording of the gathering will be sent to you afterwards.

We will use the video conferencing technology from Zoom to conduct the meetings. After completing the order process, you will receive an email with details including the invitation to the Zoom meeting.

The following gatherings are currently planned (times local to Berlin):

Currently no gatherings are planned.

If you want to be informed as soon as new gatherings are scheduled, please sign up here.

The Althar Material