About the Althar Material

The Althar material presents a path to full enlightenment that is open to everyone. To convey this path, Althar chooses the appearance of a “Crystal Dragon,” which symbolizes utmost clarity, steadfastness, true compassion, and absolute freedom – qualities that a human must realize within himself in order to face the greatest conceivable challenge of all: the complete letting go of all beliefs about himself and the world and thus the realization of full enlightenment.

Althar speaks to today’s humans and avoids explicit references to the well-known spiritual traditions and schools. He refrains from ruminating on common spiritual terms and clichés and does not hide behind quotations from old masters. Instead, he speaks directly to the reader and leads him step by step to ever “higher” levels of consciousness. In doing so, his humor shines through time and again, reminding the reader not to take themselves too seriously.

Althar compares life as experienced by a normal human to a dream. However, he recognizes that this dream is so intense and real for the human that he usually does not wake up from it “just like that.” Rather, the dream has left many imprints on the human, which stem from a multitude of dreamed physical and incorporeal lives and continue to have an effect on an unconscious level to this day. Step by step, Althar leads the reader to true compassion, allowing them to realize that – just like in a dream – nothing “really” ever happened, so that a deep letting go of all past events and their associated blockages becomes possible.

To calm the insatiably questioning human mind, Althar explains metaphorically how consciousness became entangled in the illusion of a separate existence. After all, it is the belief that separation is real that creates the entire world of appearances. Althar uses the term “light world” for this and describes how consciousness transforms itself into a separate subject by means of perception and intent. A subject that must constantly reflect itself in the apparent outside, as it believes that it would otherwise disappear from existence. Ultimately, it is this fear of extinction that makes awakening from the dream so difficult. Calming the mind through insight into the mechanisms of light world contributes significantly to the mind recognizing its own limits and thus being able to go beyond itself.

In all texts, Althar encourages the reader to remain in the dream of separation even after enlightenment. He uses the term “embodied ascension” for this, which is a surreal state of existence. After all, the enlightened human has realized that neither his body nor space nor time are “real”. Nevertheless, he chooses to maintain a conscious projection into the dream of separation. By means of this “light body,” he continues to appear as a human being in the dream of separation and can thus communicate directly with other humans. He can then help others to awaken in a variety of ways. In doing so, he becomes – just like Althar – an “Ambassador of Creation.”

Along with true wisdom and true compassion, true practice is an essential pillar of Althar’s messages. Only through true practice can deep and lasting deconditioning be achieved. Thus, Althar continually speaks of the cultivation of awareness, the cultivation of the light body, the eye of suchness, and lucid perception.

The Althar material is free of dogma, spiritual pomp, and esoteric gibberish. It is highly experiential and aimed at the sincere seeker who is willing to walk the path to enlightenment to its very end. Many readers report that they read the texts over and over again, discovering deeper and deeper levels of wisdom. For them, Althar is like an old friend who accompanies them on their journey with humor, inspiration, and motivation.

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