Remarks on the Reading Order

The Althar material is divided into three series:

  • The “Althar” core series consists of five volumes and is self-contained. Taken as a whole, the core series is a concise manual of enlightenment and embodied ascension that condenses all relevant information into a single and easily accessible location.
  • The “Althar Surreal” series is a supplement to the core series. The main focus here is on practical issues that arise in the transition from experienced moments of enlightenment to realized embodied ascension.
  • The “Althar Intense” series are transcriptions of workshops held in English. The corresponding audio recordings are also available. The workshops take up topics that have already been covered in the Althar core series up to the time of the event, but also go beyond that.

Often times I’m asked whether the Althar books should be read in a certain order. My suggestion is: yes, they should, because the books build upon each other thematically. In this respect, it is certainly most sensible to read them in the order in which they were published.

The recommended reading order is therefore:

  • Althar – The Crystal Dragon
  • Althar – The New Magi
  • Althar – Towards Utopia
  • Althar – The Final Letting Go
  • At the earliest: Althar Intense – Space, Time Veiling
  • Althar – Opus Magnum
  • At the earliest: Althar Intense – The Unconscious
  • Althar Surreal – The Lucid Dreamer
  • At the earliest: Althar Intense – Living the Paradox
  • At the earliest: Althar Intense – Borderland (Note: This does not rely on “Living the Paradox”)
  • Althar Surreal – Master Class (not before “The Lucid Dreamer”; having read “Borderland” is recommended but not a requirement)

The other books, such as “The Free Human” or “For You – Records from your Lives”, have no prerequisites. They are aimed specifically at those who rely mostly on the purely human perspective when opening their consciousness.

I wish you all the best on your way,
Joachim Wolffram

Supporting the Althar Material

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