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New Audio Recordings

“Althar Intense – The Unconscious”audio recordings in english language
“Althar Intensiv – Das Unbewusste” Audioaufnahmen in deutscher Sprache

Latest Books

“Althar – Verso Utopia” – available in Italian.
“Althar Intense – The Unconscious” – transcript available in English.
“Althar – Opus Magnum”– available in Spanish.
“Althar – Opus Magnum” – available in Portuguese.
“Алтар Том первый – Кристаллический Дракон” – Althar Vol. 1 available in Russian.
“Althar Intense – Space, Time, Veilng” – avaiable in English.

New Video

A recording of the live interview with Robert Theiss from August, 2nd can be found here.


It Starts With A Single Atom

You might say there is a thin layer around these particles consisting of your consciousness. It clings to those particles with the same forth as those particles cling to each other. That is the result of the hypnosis. You were hypnotized into wanting to cling, to attach, to bond on this level, and so you did, because hypnosis is powerful, as you know….

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