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What’s New

Althar Intense Online” – 25th October to 27th December 2020

Join the 10-week “Althar Intense Online” program – the ideal way to dive deeper into the rich Althar material. Click here for details.

Latest Books

Althar Kristalni zmaj”– available in Slovenian
Althar Opus Magnum”– available in Polish
Althar Ostateczne Uwolnienie”– available in Polish
“Althar Suprareal – Visătorul Lucid– available in Romanian
“Althar Intenso – L’Inconscio”– available in Italian
“Althar Surreal – The Lucid Dreamer” in English
“Althar Surreal – Der Luzide Träumer” available in German

Audio Recordings

“Althar Intense – The Unconscious”audio recordings and book in english language
“Althar Intensiv – Das Unbewusste” Audioaufnahmen und Buch in deutscher Sprache