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What’s New

Now available in German and English as as eBook and in print “Althar Surreal – Master Class”
Audio Recordings – “Althar Intense – Borderland”

The audio recordings of the latest “Althar Intense 10-Week Program” are available! Read more.

Personal Sessions / Persönliche Sitzungen

Take advantage of the new personal sessions. Read more.

Latest Books and Translations

“Althar Surrea l- Master Class– available in English
“Althar Surrea l- Meisterklasse– available in German
“Althar Surreal – O Sonhador Lúcido– available in Portuguese
“Althar- The Crystal Dragon” available in Bulgarian
“Althar- The New Magi” available in Bulgarian
“Althar Opus Magnum – available in Finnish
“Althar Viimeinen Irtipäästö – available in Finnish
Althar Uusi Maagi – available in Finnish
Pentru Tine – Înregistrări din viețile Tale” available in Romanian
Omul Liber– available in Romanian
Althar Intensiv – Tărâmul de Frontieră– available in Romanian
Althar Kristallilohikäärme” – available in Finnish
“Althar Intense – Borderland” – available in English
“Althar Intensiv – Das Paradoxon leben– available in German
“The Free Human”available in Polish
“Althar Intensiv – Trăind Paradoxulavailable in Romanian
“Althar Surreale – Il Sognatore Lucido” available in Italian
“Althar Intense – Living the Paradox” available in English
“Althar- Towards Utopia” available in Russian
“Althar Surrealistyczny – Świadomy Śniący”– available in Polish
Althar Kristalni zmaj”– available in Slovenian
“Althar Suprareal – Visătorul Lucid– available in Romanian
“Althar Intenso – L’Inconscio”– available in Italian
“Althar Surreal – The Lucid Dreamer” available in English
“Althar Surreal – Der Luzide Träumer” available in German