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What’s New

New Audio Recordings

“Althar Intense – The Unconscious”audio recordings in english language
“Althar Intensiv – Das Unbewusste” Audioaufnahmen und Buch in deutscher Sprache

Latest Books

“Althar Intensiv – Das Unbewusste” – available in German
“Althar – Verso Utopia” – available in Italian.
“Althar – Opus Magnum”– available in Spanish.
“Althar – Opus Magnum” – available in Portuguese.
“Алтар Том первый – Кристаллический Дракон” – Althar Vol. 1 available in Russian.
“Althar Intense – Space, Time, Veilng” – avaiable in English.

New Video

A recording of the live interview with Robert Theiss from August, 2nd can be found here.