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Discover the Althar material including books, audio recordings, workshops, and interviews, co-created by Althar the Crystal Dragon and Joachim Wolffram. You can also find more books and beautiful apps from Joachim on this website.

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In a hands-on, direct, and often humorous style, Althar unravels the nature of consciousness and presents a path to full enlightenment and embodied ascension.
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What’s New

Althar Intense Online 2024

Yes, there will be a new “10 Week Program” in 2024! Click here for more information and to register.

Althar Surreal – Master Class

The second volume of the “Althar Surreal” series is now available in English, German, Polish, and Romanian as eBook and paperback.

Audio Recordings – “Althar Intense – Borderland”

The audio recordings of the 2022 “Althar Intense 10-Week Program” are available! Read more.

The transcript is also available as eBook and paperback as the 4th volume of the “Althar Intense” series.

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Personal Sessions

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Latest Blog entries
  • The ever-popular Original Sin
    In fact, each emanation of a true self can give rise to further emanations, creating a kind of branching family tree. And each emanation has an idea of itself based on illusions, which it must confirm through ever new perceptions….

  • I’m so excited
    “For these humans, all non-physical perceptions belong to the realm of imagination or fantasy, which somehow takes place ‘in their own consciousness,’ but certainly not …
  • How Are Your Chakras Today?
    “Initially, a memory of the moment of enlightenment is still associated with awe and a certain euphoria, and Ego is smart enough not to immediately …
  • About the Human
    “It is fair to say that the human body is the most complex phenomenon in physical reality. Even the functioning of a single cell is …
  • The Principle of Distraction
    “Distraction, in whatever form, helps to suppress or at least alleviate the fear of extinction for a while. Every goal, every unfulfilled desire, every ambition …

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Latest Books and Translations

“Althar Intenso – La Terra di Confine” available in Italian
“Althar – Dragonul de Cristal”
shifted from Amazon to Lulu.
Althar Suprareal – Master Class” available in Romanian
“Althar Surrealistyczny – Klasa Mistrzowska”available in Polish
“Althar Surrea l- Master Class– available in English
“Althar Surrea l- Meisterklasse– available in German
“Althar Surreal – O Sonhador Lúcido– available in Portuguese
“Althar- The Crystal Dragon” available in Bulgarian
“Althar- The New Magi” available in Bulgarian
“Althar Opus Magnum – available in Finnish
“Althar Viimeinen Irtipäästö – available in Finnish
Althar Uusi Maagi available in Finnish
Pentru Tine – Înregistrări din viețile Tale” available in Romanian
Omul Liberavailable in Romanian
Althar Intensiv – Tărâmul de Frontierăavailable in Romanian

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