Audio “Althar Intense – Borderland”

“No matter the tradition, no matter the path,
even if you made it here all on your own,
on the way to pure consciousness,
you will cross Borderland.
From here, you will take the final step.”
– Althar

Audio Recordings of the “Althar Intense Online 10-Week Program” (English language)

These messages of Althar, Aouwa, and guests were recorded live during a 10-week online workshop in 2022 with attendees from across the world. The meetings took place via Zoom on the last ten Sundays prior to Christmas.

In this 10-week program, Althar et al. guide the participant deep into experiencing the wisdom of his messages and also break new ground with exploring “Borderland” – the home realm for those being simultaneously in and out of the dream of separation. Frequent expansions into Borderland introduce the participant to this sublime realm and guide them to establish a lasting presence there.
Althar also  emphasizes the nature of true compassion which is only possible if events are seen for what they really are: episodes in a dream. Moreover, he highlights the role of the void and the necessity to be able to face it in order to go into full enlightenment.

An underlying theme of the entire program is the de-identification with the physical body, for the hypnotic attachment to it is one of the last hurdles on the path to embodied ascension.

As usual, Althar approaches each topic in a very experiential way through guided excursions into consciousness. Some sessions also contain a typically brief Q&A.

For this material to be most effective, it is ideal to do one session per week and follow the “homework” exercises Althar suggests.

(Note: This program is independent of the previous program “Living the Paradox”.)

Snippets from the Recordings

Session 1 – Althar – 1:15:29
Mastering Space

Session 2 – Althar – 1:19:59
Nested Dreams – Mastering Time

Session 3 – 1:39:03
Cultivating the Light Body

Session 4 – Ho – 1:13:30
The Story of Ho

Session 5 – Althar – 1:20:39

Session 6 – Althar – 1:29:58
True Compassion

Session 7 – Echnatara – 1:31:39
Lucid Perception and True Compassion

Session 8 – Aouwa – 1:22:14
The King’s Chamber

Session 9 – Althar – 1:28:44
Undoing the Hypnosis

Session 10 – Althar – 1:24:57
The Master of the Masters

In addition to the MP3 recordings, the download archive also contains a transcript of the sessions in PDF format.

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The transcript is also available separately in print or as eBook.
Althar on Borderland

“For some, Borderland is the pure land. For others, Borderland is a realm of a variety of heavens. No matter how you name it, it’s just beautiful out here. It’s incomparable to the human experience.
Yet, many come here but then turn back. They think they have reached the ultimate, for from here, they can go anywhere – anywhere in separation. They fail to recognize that Borderland is not the end of the dream, for the beauty is already so unbelievable. It feels like the ultimate, but it is still within separation – and this might give you a clue about the beauty within pure consciousness.”

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  1. The best And so intensive experience
    I have , so much clarity, And simpleton , with transformation on the all levels of my full spectrum of Consciousness what I Am. Thank you so much my best ever friend Joachim , Althar , Aouwa And Illa , Namaste

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