I’m so excited

“For these humans, all non-physical perceptions belong to the realm of imagination or fantasy, which somehow takes place ‘in their own consciousness,’ but certainly not outside their own body.
It does not even occur to these humans that it is the other way around! But in fact, there is first and foremost the inherent ability of consciousness to perceive. All physical aspects, such as the sensory organs and the brain, are merely instruments of separation that distort the fundamental capacity for perception through filtering and interpretation.
Even when humans have access to ‘supernatural’ perceptions, they think of a third eye, the pineal gland, chakras, and the like, all of which are located in the physical body or at least in its immediate proximity. Well, the belief that space is real does that to you.

So, regardless of what they perceive and how many inner seals, implants, portals, and the like they believe they have opened or discarded, their body remains the center of their perception!

‘But Althar, just look. All these worlds that appear to my just opened third eye! I have to explore them! Isn’t that great? Yikes, I’m so excited!’

Yeah, really exciting. It’s certainly a great distraction, too. And it’s a good thing you’ve forgotten that you already know these worlds. Otherwise, your super excitement would be over. But the core intent of veiling does that to humans.
Of course, I don’t mean you, dear reader, but only the others. You are long past that stage, aren’t you?”

From “Althar Surreal – Master Class”

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