How Are Your Chakras Today?

“Initially, a memory of the moment of enlightenment is still associated with awe and a certain euphoria, and Ego is smart enough not to immediately babble at you. But over time, the memory fades. Time does that – to everything.
Then, when the time is right, Ego comes forward with a laugh, pats you on the back, and tells you that your experience was nice, but it wasn’t that great, was it? Besides, maybe it was just your imagination, who can say for sure? In any case, this so-called enlightenment will be rather boring in the long run, because after all, nothing seems to happen while in it. What’s really exciting, however, is this new series on Netflix, climate change, and the embarrassing fact that your chakras are still turning in the wrong direction. If the chakras were finally spinning the right way, then enlightenment would certainly be more exciting, and who knows, maybe the climate would improve too, because of the butterfly wing flapping effect, or because of the quanta, or something.”

From “Althar Surreal – Master Class”

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