The Last Steps

“In order to permanently realize embodied ascension, a few moments of enlightenment are simply not enough! At some point, you have to summon up all your courage and realize the final letting go with all its consequences. This is the only way to finally put an end to all pseudo-mastery, all the abundance-manifestation drivel, and the whole enlightenment gibberish.
The further you go along this path, the more the image you have of yourself will dissolve, until you finally enjoy being without any identification. You will lose not only any physical form, but also any mental form, which is why I have always emphasized that the last steps are the most difficult.
At the end of this path, you will be able to take on any form in any place at any time. This may sound completely surreal, but ultimately, it is nothing more than the ability of consciousness to project itself consciously rather than unconsciously into the dream of separation.”

From the upcoming book “Althar Surreal – Master Class”

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  1. Yes. It has all been gobbledegook right from the start. False beliefs! False gods, False teeth! Endless falsehoods!The only thing I have thus far mastered is the art of self-delusion. Well. I expect that is a bonus to gnow that at least.
    As trite as it may be, letting go of food is a hard one……..Even whilst cultivating awareness, nourishment and oral gratification lurk temptingly in the background.
    The betwixt and between is a diabolical state to be in. Neither one thing,nor another.Carry on carrying on is the mantra. Thanks.

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