The Principle of Distraction

“Distraction, in whatever form, helps to suppress or at least alleviate the fear of extinction for a while. Every goal, every unfulfilled desire, every ambition is suitable as a distraction from the fear of extinction, which is the price of identification. Distraction is the stimulant for the ego par excellence. It makes the dream of separation seem real for a while, and thus prolongs the ego’s illusory existence.
Every being in the Second Round of Creation takes the stimulant called distraction over and over again, because it has a first-class reputation: it works immediately! What’s more, it is always available, because it is just an illusion away.
Even if an entity realizes the Principle of Distraction after a long, long time, and swears fervently: ‘Never again! Enough is enough,’ well, then enough is far from enough. After all, the search for truth is a first-class distraction, isn’t it?”

From “Althar Surreal – Master Class”

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