Audio “Althar Intense – Living The Paradox”

Audio Recordings of the “Althar Intense Online 10-Week Program” (English language)

These messages of Althar and Aouwa were recorded live during a 10-week online workshop in 2020 with attendees from across the world. The meetings took place via Zoom on the last ten Sundays of the year.

In this 10-week program, Althar guides the participant deep into experiencing the wisdom of his messages. It is an intense ride where many of the individual sessions are like a seminar in themselves. Still, the ten weeks build on each other and prepare the participant for the finale, the Song of the Dragon.

Each of the weekly sessions lasts about ninety minutes and starts with about thirty minutes of Cultivating the Awareness – the fundamental starting point for anybody striving for enlightenment. Then Althar joins the group, gives a talk on a specific topic, and leads an experiential journey to make his message as palpable as possible. The sessions are concluded with a typically brief Q&A.

The focus of the first five weeks is on preparing the human consciousness and the physical body for truly opening up. The second five weeks are concentrated on the light body and on experiencing what it means to go into the surreal, i.e., beyond the core beliefs that shape the human experience: time, space, and the veiling of one’s own origin.

As always, Althar approaches the individual topics from a highly pragmatic point of view. He provides practical tools to actually realize true wisdom and to live the paradox of being beyond separation while maintaining a conscious projection into separation. Thus, these ten sessions can be seen as a compact, timeless handbook for going into embodied ascension.

For this material to be most effective, it is ideal to do one session per week and follow the “homework challenges” Althar gives.

Snippets from the Recordings

Session 1 – Althar – 1:23:10
The Living Trinity

Session 2 – Althar – 1:28:48
False Identities and the Emotional Body

Session 3 – 1:13:02
Fundamentals of the Light Body Exercise

Session 4 – Althar – 1:27:36
Light Body Exercise Part 2 – Love, Clarity, Beauty, Bliss

Session 5 – Althar – 1:26:09
How Core Beliefs Shape the Experienced Reality

Session 6 – Althar – 1:14:50
Your Four Temples

Session 7 – Althar – 1:26:09
Lucid Perception

Session 8 – Althar – 1:28:11
Light World, Feeling Realities, All-Is-Within

Session 9 – Aouwa- 1:30:43
Bringing in the Christ Consciousness

Session 10 – Althar – 1:13:17
The Song of the Dragon

In addition to the MP3 recordings, the download archive also contains a transcript of the sessions in PDF format.

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The transcript is also available separately in print or as eBook.
It’s so simple!

“It’s so simple! There is no expectation involved, there is no dogma. There is no priest, no guru, no religion, no nothing. It is just you. It is just you! And it is you who has to do it; nobody can do it for you. Not I, Althar, not anybody else. You have to let go. And that is why we insist so much on cultivating the awareness, for this is the fundamental tool. I cannot do it for you, but I can challenge you to do it, I can challenge you to let go of all your notions, and I will challenge you in these coming weeks. Every session, I will challenge you. That is what I can do.
Actually, I do not really care how you will react. Ideally, you see the opportunity. Ideally, you withstand the eye of the dragon, you face it. Ideally, you are ready to go into the fire and see what remains when everything burns down. I guarantee you: what remains is the purest you that you have ever witnessed, that you have ever experienced.”

From Session 1 – “The Living Trinity”

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