Where do you go from here?

“If an entity scratches the surface of itself, it will find emptiness, and that is scary. That is why there is this big, big fear of being wiped out. And actually, this is why you are here as humans. Oh, the human often thinks, ‘Let’s go up the dimensional ladder! Add some more dimensions, more core beliefs, or less core beliefs – however you want to phrase it – and have a broader experience.’
Yes, you can do that, and actually you did that already! You came from there, from all those realms. You have been there. But no matter where you have been, you found out that the vessel you believed to be, be it in form, or beyond form, did not really exist! But you were not able to accept that and to let go of separation. That’s why you finally ended up here, as a human, on planet Earth in a slow motion physical reality with your three core beliefs: time, space, and the veiling of your origin.

That is why you are here. The point I want to make is: do not try to go back to the higher dimensional existences! It doesn’t bring you anywhere! You came from there. You are here to come out at the other end of the tunnel. You exist in the densest density, in the deepest density. Here you can go beyond the belief of separation. You can go beyond all the vessels, you see?

You can go beyond all the vessels that you ever believed yourself to be and you can do it on behalf of your true self. In doing so, you do it on behalf of all the emanations your true self ever had! Compared to angelic beings, you may feel very limited. But I tell you what: you are the hero in existence! You are the hero in all of existence.

It’s not about going back. It’s about going beyond!”

From “Althar Intense – Living the Paradox”

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