The Second First Volume

With my island retreat nearing its end and the heavy storm of the last few days ceasing, a few things have clarified and turned into choices.

I’m happy to announce that there will be no sixth volume of the Althar series! The series will remain as it is, succinct and self-contained.

And I’m even happier to announce a brand new series named “Althar Surreal.” Let’s say it will contain extended bonus material of the core information provided in the first series. As I see it right now, “Althar Surreal” will concentrate specifically on the transitory phase where moments of realization eventually turn into permanent realization.

Well, actually I have no clue if it will become a real series, for that would require at least two volumes. But the first volume of this second could-be-series is well on its way.

The first draft should be done in a couple of weeks. Then follows a phase of maturing, polishing, translating, and editing. In other words, the fun is soon over, followed by all the details that need to be taken care of for completion.

In the previous blog entry, I hinted at what the new book will be about – and actually it really turned out that way. Knowing that everything is still subject to change, I will not yet go into the details of the content. Instead, let me just convey a feeling of if by listing the current chapter headings. Here they come:

  • The End of Preparation
  • Nirvana and Samsara are two sides of the same coin? You are kidding!
  • The Need to go Beyond Perception
  • Perception and Ego
  • Perception versus Knowingness
  • The Paradox of Matter and Energy
  • May I Introduce: Light World
  • Caution: You are Entering Light World
  • Ousia – The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
  • The Myth of Privacy
  • Imagination, Sentiments, Mass Consciousness, and the Feeling Reality
  • How Large Is Your Universe?
  • Ousia and Physical Reality
  • Light World and Scene Spheres
  • Ousia, the Human Realm, and the Laws of Physics
  • How Entities Co-Experience Light World
  • The Light Body and the Ousia of the Human Body
  • The Lucid Dreamer

When will it become available?
Please, no pressure, but certainly before the end of the year.
Before the end of what year?
Please, no pressure.

6 Replies to “The Second First Volume”

  1. Before the end of the year?????? No, I’m just kidding with you. Everything comes to me in the right time…always has and this is no different. Can’t wait to get the new book before the end of the year!! hehehehe

  2. Sounds hectic…..And also stay in cocoon for as long as you need. Just don’t turn to mush,ha ha…..Seriously it will be well received, whenever….we are getting to the point of speeding up, or slowing down time,as per requirement, so expect the unexpected is my mantra. The island experience sounded great.

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