What do you choose?

“From the outset, the Althar books were directed to those spiritual pioneers who had already attained a certain maturity. But now that we are getting serious about embodied ascension and are shifting the awareness more and more into the light body, the challenges become even greater! Thus, some may decide that letting go of their classical body-mind structure is simply not for them, no matter how exciting it sounds.

Should you come to the conclusion that you do not, or not yet, want to follow the path of embodied ascension all the way to its end, you could still be a tremendous support for the daredevils who advance along this path. Because:

By acknowledging that embodied ascension is fundamentally possible, you help to provide a supporting net for it in mass consciousness.

This empathic support will make it much easier for those daring to go for embodied ascension to overcome their own doubts!

Remember that this is not just about you, and that it is not a race! Once the first few have realized embodied ascension, more will follow, and more, and more, and more. Everyone who realizes embodied ascension will make it easier and smoother for all those who follow.”

From “Althar Surreal – The Lucid Dreamer”

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