About True Practice

“True wisdom and true compassion are like the two wings of a bird – or a dragon, if you so wish. A bird cannot fly with just one wing; it needs both wings. But then, the bird still needs to learn how to use its wings. And that is the third pillar of my messages: true practice.

It’s the application. The application of wisdom and compassion. Without true practice, the bird is like a stuffed animal. Yes, it has two beautiful wings, but it’s only sitting there, totally lifeless. Good to look at, a nice decoration. But that’s it.

So, true practice is like breathing life into true wisdom and true compassion. And it is you, the human, who has to do the true practice – no one else could do it for you. It’s only you who can apply it.

As you know, true practice is passive. It is a non-doing. It does not add to the illusions, but shines them away. It shines them away with the light of pure consciousness. It allows the light to come through, so you can see clearly.”

From “Althar Intense Online – Borderland”

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