The True Meaning of the Resurrection

“Many cannot understand why Yeshua seems to have chosen death.
But he did not chose death! He had chosen to demonstrate the death of a belief – the belief that the body is real!

Back then, Yeshua told you: ‘Whoever wants to save his life will lose it.’
Each life in separation is sentenced to death – no matter what you try to prolong it; no matter how sophisticated you argue with yourself.

Imagine for a moment if Yeshua would not have died on the cross. If instead he would just have been hanging there, smiling and laughing, and then free himself at some point to continue his physical life.
That would have been devastating! It would have created a deep desire to become like him; a super-human in a super-body – but a body nonetheless!

Actually, this is exactly what humans desire these days. That’s why you have all these movies where some super-heroes have super-powers. That’s why you strive for all kinds of technology to prolong your physical life – but as you do, as you try to escape physical death, you only validate the illusion of death over and over again!

What a fallacy!

Yeshua had to demonstrate that he did not hang on to the body – yet he continued to exist!

Actually, this is the true meaning of the resurrection that took place on Easter Sunday:
Letting go of the notion of death. Realizing that you cannot die, because the physical body is not you!”

Excerpt form Althar’s 2021 Easter message for Althar Intense Online participants.”

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