A Simpleton

I had a conversation lately with a lady who accompanies dying people through their death process and beyond. That time of transition can be one of great spiritual progress and blessed are those who find guides that are capable and willing to accompany them. (If you are interested in this, see here.)

Through that exchange I was reminded of the Simpleton who appeared in “Althar – Towards Utopia.” Writing that small chapter might have been the most moving experience I had throughout the whole series. The reason was, I guess, the utter innocence of that entity, its utmost purity. Those sensations were so overwhelmingly strong that I was sobbing like a toddler while I wrote down the few lines to the best of my ability.

Here comes the short story of the Simpleton. (Note that Utopia literally means the “No-Place”. Althar uses this term to denote existence beyond separation.)

“I am a simpleton”

I am a simpleton.

I am not used to talk. Talking was never mine. Even back then, in my last incarnation, I did not talk. For the words of the humans never became friends of mine.

I had no teacher. Guess that was a stroke of luck. Nobody came around and wanted to explain anything to me.

Some tried. But I only looked at them. They thought me a fool. Not sure if they were right. But I felt just fine the way I was.

So I grew up as the village’s simpleton. They gave me food and shelter. What more did I need?

The humans left me alone, but I was always, always, always in good company.

I sang to the stars, and they showed me history.

I sang to the Earth, and she showed me life.

I sang to the birds, and they showed me joy.

I sang to the dragons, and they showed me awe.

I had nothing, yet I was rich.

They called me a simpleton. It was my greatest blessing.

I knew when people would die. I just knew. When they left their body, I was there.

At such a moment, talk was not required. I showed them my heart. They understood.

I walked them to the stars, if they so wished. Some did. We’ve been friends ever since.

One night, I had a dream. The dragon came and he flew with me. He sang to me of myself. He sang to me of new worlds. He sang to me for the joy of singing. Then he looked at me with his eyes of crystal, questioningly.

Yes, I said without words. I will do that.

So I woke up from the dream. And woke up from dreaming to dream. And woke up from dreaming, dreaming, dreaming to dream.

Then I was back home.

I was a simpleton. That was my greatest blessing.

The dragon came again. Others came with him. We had a great celebration.

Are you ready, the dragon then asked without words.

And I was.

He sang to me, and we were there. There, where he brought me in that dream.

And there I’ve stayed ever since. Only without dreaming.

The dragon said without words, you will be the Patron of these vast fields. But I don’t know what a Patron is. And I don’t care. I just love to be here.

I love to create stars.

I love to create earths.

I love to create birds.

I love to love to love to love.

The dragon asked without words, have you heard of Utopia?

I don’t know what that is. And I don’t care.

I am still a simpleton. It serves me well.

You, who are with me right now, I have a promise for you. When your time has come. When you stop dreaming that you dream a dream. When you leave your body. Watch for me.

I will be there. You cannot miss me.

I will walk you to the stars. Or I will walk you towards the place where I am right now. Even though it is no place at all.

Whatever you choose.

Whenever you choose.

If you so choose.

You cannot miss me. I will be there.

I am a simpleton. It is my greatest blessing.

3 Replies to “A Simpleton”

    Or “Keep It Simple,Soul.”
    To quote RS Thomas on the notion of eternity
    “I think that maybe
    I will be a little surer of being a little nearer;
    That’s all.Eternity
    is in the understanding that little is more than enough.”

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