The Tree of Life

I am Althar, the Crystal Dragon.
Let me speak to you of the Tree of Life.
“Does it exist?” you might ask?
Yes. Yes, it does.

“And what about the Tree of Knowledge, then?” you might ask.
“Does is exist also?”
No. No, it does not exist.
For what exists only in a dream
cannot be said to have true existence.

“But then” you might ask,
“was there ever a choice
between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge?”
No. No, there never was.
For that would mean that life in itself was separated.

“I don’t understand” you might say.
Yes, you don’t. For you are coming from knowledge.
And there is no way for knowledge
to ever grasp life.

Not only does life have nothing to do with knowledge,
it does not even know of knowledge.
And vice versa, there is no path
from knowledge to life. 

Just as life has nothing to do with knowledge
so is your coming back to life
not a fruit of knowledge.
For how could the real be built upon the unreal?
How could truth be the outcome of illusions?

The Tree of Knowledge
grows and grows and grows,
producing ever new seeds. 
Yet, illusions spawn nothing but illusions.

And no matter how high the Tree of Knowledge grows,
no matter how high you climb it,
it will never allow you
to reach life.

What once started as a tiny illusionary idea
grew into senses, perceptions, and bodies.
Through these, the Tree of Knowledge
validates its own existence.
Over and over again. 

It has to.
For the unreal
has no existence in itself. 

“But then, could I ever come back to life?” you might ask.
Yes. Yes, you could.
And it is simple.

 But knowledge interferes, declaring loudly:
“Human, this would be grand, indeed.”
And after a pause, pregnant with meaning,
knowledge utters its one foundational deceit,
“You’ll need much more knowledge
if you ever want to come back to life.
And I’m glad to help you gaining it.” 

Truth is, though
just bring a single illusion to truth,
any illusion,
and the whole Tree of Knowledge disappears.
For in the face of life,
everything made of knowledge
is revealed as being without true existence. 

“Are you saying, then, I don’t exist?” you might ask.
Yes. Yes, I do.
The “I” that you still think you are,
no matter how lofty your definition,
does not exist in true reality. 

Alas, no words could ever convince you.
No explanations could ever convey realization.
So, why not let go of the illusion called “you”
and experience life for yourself?

It is simple.
It is natural.
It is your heritage.
It means to be the Tree of Life itself,
not knowing of knowledge,
simply shining in truth.



The magnificent painting was created by Anna Kawiak. Thanks, Anna!

3 Replies to “The Tree of Life”

  1. The point is how to change the cells of mass consciousness? Sounds so easy-peasy to witter on about it, unless you are Althar.

    1. How to change the cells of mass consciousness you ask.
      You cannot change the consciousness of others.
      You awaken the consciousness of yourself so that others may follow and awaken themselves.

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