The Greatest Adventure

It has only been a few weeks since I released “The Lucid Dreamer.” As always after finishing a book, I take a break to recover from the intense weeks preceding its publication. During these pauses, I have often asked myself if it is possible to go any further with the material. The reason was typically that I could hardly imagine what “further” would mean. For instance, I had no idea what would come after “The Final Letting Go.” And when the successor of that volume, “Opus Magnum,” was finished, I was sure that this was it. And actually, I wanted it to be the final volume, so that the Althar books would not become a never-ending story.

So, after “Opus Magnum” was done, it took me half a year to realize and accept that more was yet to come. As I went through the various iterations of “The Lucid Dreamer,” I found myself getting more and more excited about the content. I was intrigued by the descriptions of light world and how the dream worlds of separation are brought forth. In fact, I was so pulled into the writing that I eventually had to remove a number of passages that I felt were too detailed, even though they were interesting. Thus, it was already clear to me that indeed “Althar Surreal” has a big potential to become a real series by adding at least one more volume.

Little did I assume that the next volume would knock on my door anytime soon. But it already did. Or to put it differently, some sort of preparation that I have been, say, “strongly invited” to participate in has already begun, and my assumption is that it may lead to another volume – even though I have no idea if it turns out that way or how long it will take.

It appears to me that “The Lucid Dreamer” is like a portal into light world. A portal to a highly malleable, flexible and thus surreal reality. A reality that still belongs to the dream worlds of separation, yet it is the foundation for what is interpreted as physical reality.

I assume it will take quite a while to get attuned to the vastness of the underlying vision Althar has presented. Moving on from there means to go way beyond the typical human condition. It also means to say a final goodbye to one’s body-mind structure while maintaining the ability to use it. In other words, it will significantly challenge and hopefully extend the borders of one’s mental health.

At the same time, it feels like we – meaning those who follow along with the Althar material – have arrived at the point where the true adventure actually begins.

Althar stated in “The Lucid Dreamer” that the preparation is over. The preparation to which he referred was the understanding of how consciousness expresses itself in separation. With that understanding and the provided tools, everybody has the means to free themselves from the quicksand of separation. But then, consciously projecting yourself into the dream? Even though you fully know that you exist beyond separation and your body is merely a figure in a dream? This sounds like a very fine art to me – and it is far from guaranteed that the contemporary humans are already capable of realizing this for any longer period of linear time.

But so what? Some have to try it. And I’m all in!

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  1. Im all in as well!! A few days after finishing the book I had an experience completely unlike anything I have ever had, I thought in my normal waking state that “waking up” and being totally aware of myself away from my body would be fun. I’m sure it eventually will be but I must admit that I was still a bit fearful, I awoke in light world and knew I was not in Kansas anymore I was looking for home, or the safe place, and then I wasn’t anywhere for a while before eventually finding myself “back” in bed feeling very safe and relieved. I too thought after each book, wow, this is it, and especially after “Althar Surreal” but after my experience it feels as though each new little step that brings forth little doubts or fears will be soothed by Althar in new messages to make the final steps as smooth as possible, in regards to staying on earth I mean, which seems to be the tricky part!

  2. Light world has been on my mind recently.
    Looking forward to playing in it and bringing back my creations to the physical.
    Nina Spitzer

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