It’s All Made Up

“Today, we will make a series of excursions, and I want you to use your imagination as good as you can. You might say, ‘Well, Althar, isn’t this all made up if it’s just my imagination?’ And I say, ‘Yes! It’s all made up. Everything in separation is made up!‘ That’s just a fact. But we use certain imaginations, symbols, metaphors, and analogies, that help you – hopefully – to illuminate the mechanics of the dream of separation, the mechanics of the illusion, the mechanics of how things are made up.

Once you understand that, once you really grasp the true wisdom behind it, you can let go of all the images, all the metaphors, all the experiences, and just go beyond. But in order to get there, we use helpful illusions, and helpful imaginations. And that’s what we are going to do today with a series of excursions.”

From “Althar Intense Online From “Althar Intense Online – Borderland”

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