Separation? Still? Really?

“Whether you like it or not, you are way more ‘one’ with ‘the others’ than you may be willing to accept right now! Yes, it may take years, decades, or even a few more eons before you acknowledge this and stop fighting for an identity as a separated entity.
But if you dare, you may look into my crystalline eyes right now. Face the relentlessness of a crystal dragon and listen to me carefully:

Separation? Still? Really?

What you call ‘I’ is nothing more than an addiction to perceive!
Your ‘I’ is not real. It’s made up of separation, and it barricades itself in separation.
Listen! Your ‘I’ has nothing to do with you!
You are real.
The worlds of separation are in you, not in an ‘I’!
And in you, there is so much more.
Pure consciousness, All-That-Is, is in you!
Realize now: You are no different from pure consciousness!
That’s why all is in you! Nothing could ever be outside of All-That-Is!

Separation? Still? Really?”

From “Althar Surreal – The Lucid Dreamer”

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