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Althar Surreal – Master Class

The second volume of the “Althar Surreal” series is now available in English, German, Polish, and Romanian as eBook and paperback.

Audio Recordings – “Althar Intense – Borderland”

The audio recordings of the latest “Althar Intense 10-Week Program” are available! Read more.

The transcript is also available as eBook and paperback as the 4th volume of the “Althar Intense” series.

Personal Sessions

Take advantage of the new personal sessions. Read more.

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Latest Books and Translations

“Althar Intenso – La Terra di Confine” available in Italian
“Althar – Dragonul de Cristal”
shifted from Amazon to Lulu.
Althar Suprareal – Master Class” available in Romanian
“Althar Surrealistyczny – Klasa Mistrzowska”available in Polish
“Althar Surrea l- Master Class– available in English
“Althar Surrea l- Meisterklasse– available in German
“Althar Surreal – O Sonhador Lúcido– available in Portuguese
“Althar- The Crystal Dragon” available in Bulgarian
“Althar- The New Magi” available in Bulgarian
“Althar Opus Magnum – available in Finnish
“Althar Viimeinen Irtipäästö – available in Finnish
Althar Uusi Maagi available in Finnish
Pentru Tine – Înregistrări din viețile Tale” available in Romanian
Omul Liberavailable in Romanian
Althar Intensiv – Tărâmul de Frontierăavailable in Romanian