WizzJ – Music Visualization

Available for high-end iPad and iPhone.

About “WizzJ”

WizzJ is a cutting-edge music visualizer for high-end iOS devices. It fully exploits the latest advances in graphic processors to create a flow of animated arts. The animations are synced with the beat and texture of the music being played from your music library. If no music is playing WizzJ automatically captures input from the microphone.

WizzJ represents a new generation in the art of music visualization!

WizzJ comes with twentyfour different styles, each providing a unique and immersive experience:
A Flower of Life, Alien Speak, Ancient Glyphs, Breeze of Oil, Cricumpunct, Dancing Blobs, Disco Sun, Entwined, Eternal Wave, Matrix, Neon Ice, OneHundredEiiigghtyyyy, Phoenix, Puzzled, Rainbow’s Birth, SpeedBeat, Squares, T-Rex’s Skin, Tentacles, The Beauty Within, Threesome, Wanna Kiss?, Wave Dance, Wheel of Color.

WizzJ’s media player is fully integrated with iOS.
In contrast to most other visualizers, WizzJ analyzes the sound of played songs without using the microphone; hence you can enjoy WizzJ even with headsets.

WizzJ is ad-free.

Note: Apple does not allow to analyze streamed music. Thus, only music saved on your device and played through the internal iOS audio player is supported.

Using “WizzJ”


Supported Gestures inside the graphics:
– one finger double-tap: show/hide player
– two finger single-tap: show/hide styles list
– two finger swipe right: next style
– two finger swipe left: previous style
– three finger single-tap: take screenshot

Support for the high resolution display can be disabled via the iOS Settings application. This results in a faster evolution of the graphics.

The scrubber and/or volume controls might be hidden, depending on the device’s screen size.

If you bought music from iTunes before 2009 the songs might still be DRM protected and thus are not allowed to be played outside the iPod. Meanwhile Apple has dropped this restriction, but the songs need to be re-downloaded. See here for a description.

Using AirPlay:
WizzJ supports AirPlay. However, as WizzJ captures sound form the microphone if no song is playing, AirPlay will not show any devices that do not have a microphone. Therefore, deactivate input from the microphone by tapping the “Microphone” symbol at the bottom of the style list, open the iOS ControlCenter and select your AirPlay device.

Using Bluetooth headsets:
In case your bluetooth headset doesn’t work, try to deactivate the microphone as shown in the screenshot above.


Fluid Light Engine

“WizzJ” is built with Joachim’s Fluid Light Engine.