The Beauty Within

Available for iPad, iPhone, iPod.
Available for Windows.

About the “The Beauty Within”

“The Beauty Within” employs biofeedback to generate beautiful artwork.
It uses your state of Meditation and/or Attention as determined by the MindWave headset as the input for stunning animated graphics.

“The Beauty Within” comes with seven different themes. For each theme you can set your training goal: Meditation, Attention, or both at the same time. The Meditation and Attention values are used to move a spiral. By increasing your Meditation and/or Attention you can move the spiral into the target zone. “The Beauty Within” will then measure the time you manage to stay in the zone.

Create magnificent Mandalas, calm the waves of an ocean and let the sun rise, or let your meditation and attention values create a spoor that transforms into various animations as soon as you reach the target zone.

Optionally, use sounds that notify you about entering or leaving the target zone, so you can even close your eyes during a session. Tap the screenshot icon to capture the graphics or to document your achievements.

“The Beauty Within” is an innovative and playful attempt to train your inner relaxation and ability to focus. Once you are in the target zone, you will be challenged not to get distracted by the beautiful animations.

Meditation and Attention move the Spiral

The biofeedback device constantly transmits values between 0 and 100 for the states of Meditation and Attention. The strongest state is 100. These values are used to move the golden spiral.

The mediation value determines the spiral’s vertical position. With increasing meditation values, the spiral rises. It sinks with decreasing meditation values. The attention value moves the spiral horizontally.

Tap the rectangular icon at the top of the screen to choose your target:

  • Meditation – the target is to achieve a meditation value of at least 65. The upper region of the screen is highlighted.
  • Attention – the target is to achieve an attention value of at least 65. The right region of the screen is highlighted.
  • Meditation and Attention – the target is to achieve a meditation and attention values of at least 65. The upper-right region of the screen is  highlighted.

Once the spiral enters the target zone the graphics change their animations, attempting to distract you. Try to stay calm and to hold your attention. The time the spiral stays in the target zone is measured and continually displayed at the bottom of the screen, in conjunction with the current mediation/attention values. The statistics also show the longest time you have achieved to stay within the target zone as well as the sum total of your stays in the target zone.

When the spiral moves towards the target it rotates clockwise. If it moves away from the target, it rotates counter-clockwise.

Choosing a different target zone resets the statistics.

Meditation and attention values below 15 are discarded.

One time per second the headset sends the values. These values are averaged over three seconds to avoid sudden jumps of the spiral.

The Available Themes


Calm the ocean by rising the spiraling sun towards the target zone.

Animated Spurs “Reaching Out”, “Splash”, and “Wings”

Leave a spoor according to the movement of the spiral. Once the spiral reaches the target zone the spoor transforms into beautiful but distracting dynamic art.


Track your state of mind over a longer period of time. The more often the spiral hits a certain spot, the brighter it gets. At a certain point, the background appears to be burned away and an animated green area shines through. Try to convert the whole target zone into green.

Mandalas “Flower of Life” and “Central Sun”

The spiral only moves according to the chosen target, i.e., if Meditation is chosen, then the spiral moves vertically. A red circle highlights the position of the spiral. When the meditation increases, the Mandala expands, otherwise it shrinks. Once the target zone is reached it changes its dynamics completely

NeuroSky’s MindWave Headsets

“The Beauty Within” for iOS requires NeuroSky’s “MindWave Mobile” or” MindWave Mobile-Plus” headset to be connected.

The PC version works with the” MindWave” and” MindWave Mobile-Plus” headsets.
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Fluid Light Engine

“The Beauty Within” is built with Joachim’s Fluid Light Engine.