Living Colors

Available for iPad, iPhone, iPod.

About “Living Colors”

Living Colors provides a variety of generative art themes. You supply the seed for a creation and Living Colors will surprise you with some ever changing animated arts based on your input.
Change the animation by humming, singing, or just picking up accoustics through the microphone.
Zoom into the graphics and enjoy the crisp and brilliant details.
Create screenshots with ease just by tapping an icon. The screenshots are conveniently saved into your photo album for further processing and sharing.

Living Colors comes with the following themes:
Mandala, Mandala Slim, Mandala Airy, Swirl, Splash, Drifting, Stardust, Amoeba, Vortex, Calligraphy, Alien

Living Colors is an universal App for iPad, iPhone, iPod.
It supports the native displays (Retina) of all devices.

There are no ads or in-app purchases in Living Colors!

System requirements:

  • iPhone 5 or higher
  • iPad mini with Retina or higher
  • iPad Air or higher

Support for the high resolution display can be disabled via the iOS Settings application. This results in a faster evolution of the graphics.

Fluid Light Engine

“Living Colors” is built with Joachim’s Fluid Light Engine.

The Althar Material