Audio “Althar Intense – Space, Time, Veiling”

Audio Recordings of the “Althar Intense” Workshop from March 2019, Cascais/Portugal

The workshop focused on the three core intentions that characterize the human realm of existence, namely the adherence to time and space as well as the veiling of an incarnated consciousness.

Althar and Aouwa discuss these three points intensely in the larger context of existing within separation, and they explain how separation can be transcended. In guided meditations they lead the participants beyond space and time.

A special emphasize is laid on the question of how consciousness has bonded with matter on the subatomic level. To that end, Aouwa speaks for the first time about the spiritual family called Uru and introduces Ila, the Unborn Goddess of Feminine Beingness.

Finally, Althar explains how the effects of the veiling of consciousness can be overcome through the light body exercise.

Snippets from the Recordings

Session 1 – Aouwa – 0:36:59
Introduction – The Eye of Suchness – True Encounter

Session 2 – Althar – 1:04:57
True Self – Consciousness Entity – Three in One

Session 3 – Althar – 0:59:22
Space – Micro Cosmos – Macro Cosmos

Session 4 – Althar – 1:00:18
Time – Now Spheres – Threads of Time

Session 5 – Aouwa – 0:50:22
Consciousness and Matter – The Lord of Death – Releasing Uru

Session 6 – Althar – 1:24:40
Veiling – The Light Body Exercise

Session 7 – Althar – 0:58:19
The End of Separation – Rebirth – Ila

In addition to the MP3 recordings, the download archive also contains a transcript of the sessions in PDF format.

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